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I am a music researcher, philosopher of art, and improvising musician, currently active as Professor of Music Education at Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.


I got my PhD in musicology at the University of Turku, Finland, in 2002, on a topic concerning the perception of tonality in melodies. Besides musicology, I also studied philosophy (with a master's degree from the same university) and the classical languages. In my post-doctoral work, I concentrated both on philosophical aesthetics (e.g., philosophy of creativity, philosophy of music) and various empirical research projects (e.g., extramusical associations in music listening, improvisation pedagogy, eye-movements in music reading), also publishing some research on methodological issues in music theory and music research in general.


Currently, I am leading the Academy of Finland research consortium Reading Music: Eye-Movements and the Development of Expertise, which brings together views from educational science, psychology of music, and statistics in an interdisciplinary effort to understand the cognitive processes in music reading. Apart from this, much of my present research revolves around the relationships between music, imagination, and creativity, including topics such as ideational creativity in music, imagined agency in heard music, and music imagined without heard sound.